Can I Plead Too Much?

Look at it. The paralytic raised such a noise that people were telling him, “shut up, you’re bothering the master (and us)”. But he continued to stake a claim for Jesus’s attention and was enabled to walk.

Yeshua knew what the paralytic was saying the whole time. The constant pleading brought the paralytic to the place where he could know it, and thus to the place of faith in God whom he knew to be true.

So, 1. Know God. Seek for Him and you’ll find Him. It’s that simple. 2. Keep up the pleading. Don’t worry what others or even what God thinks. Eventually, you’ll know that He has heard you and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. Faith is knowing God and what He’ll do. The smallest amount of faith can move mountains and pluck up trees of resistance by the roots.

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