By fasting we should

  • Never allow earthly gain to motivate us.
  • Make time to seek the true bread and riches from heaven.
  • Get our heart and mind off of bodily desire through the denial of its cravings.
  • Devote our time and interest to seeking God for the spiritual and physical needs of Yeshua and others instead of satisfying our wants.
  • Seek the bread from Heaven: the bread of life, the word of God, the Way, Truth, and Life of Yeshua, the kingdom that is not of this world in any way – never earthly bread or things.
  • Seek of the need of Yeshua and others before that of self.
  • Seek to become more like Yeshua.

Correct fasting is to seek the Lord our God with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength. It is to seek Him first above everything on earth. When we truly seek God, He makes Himself known to us. Faith is knowing God. When we truly know Him, He lives within us and He is the essence of our faith. The presence of Yeshua is why the smallest seed of faith can enable us to receive anything we ask of God. Rightful fasting is not done to impress Yahweh.

God reveals Himself not because we impress him or prove anything by our self-denial, but because we sacrifice our time and energy through fasting to seek, find and receive more revelation of Him. He reveals Himself to those who truly search for Him. His revealed word is bread from His mouth. We eat it and become nourished by His presence. His presence within us is our rightness, faith, love, and power, which exceeds this world.

Fasting, self-sacrifice, and self-denial to try to impress or purchase anything from God are useless, harmful, and in step with trying to obtain help from God by keeping the old covenant law. Living by the law, one does the right things and sacrifices to cause God to notice, have mercy, and perform. Yahweh desires that our beliefs and works be motivated by love, not by keeping laws to cause him to perform.

God works for us motivated by his love for us. He keeps his law but he works because of love. We should do the same for him.

New Covenant law is the law of love. Within it, our first motive for all we do is love for God and our neighbor, not to earn anything. Trying to earn Yahweh’s help assumes that He never paid, through the death and resurrection of his word (Yeshua) for us to have it. Yeshua (the word of Yahweh) paid for our reward with His life. Yeshua is free to all who will come and dine at His banquet table. His table is set in fine detail, full of his wisdom. Godly fasting is done to remove distractions, dine at Yahweh’s table, and eat His word. God is love; His word is love; to know Him and to live, being nourished by His word, is love. The new covenant law is to love and live the way, truth, and life of Yeshua. Rightful fasting is to search, eat, drink, and be filled with Him.

The vessels on the table are full of delectable words which contain many exciting elements not previously known. Only with time and focus can these elements be revealed to man; the time and focus that require a true love of knowing; love that will sacrifice other things that compete for our attention. By fasting, we turn to set our affections on things above; on the word of Yahweh, Yeshua, the Holy Spirit, life, and love.

We know that we need faith to receive anything from the Lord. If there is a shadow of a doubt, it’s not faith. Faith is knowing and understanding the word of God (Yeshua). As we know and understand Him, He lives within us and is Himself our faith. With Yeshua as our faith, we know His will and can do his will regardless of earthly impossibilities.

Yeshua, the word of Yahweh, reveals Himself to those who search, ask, and knock on the door for Him. He lives to be the understanding and revelation of His word within them. Fasting away from the nourishment of earth to sit at the table of nourishment from heaven for the cause of Godly love is true Godly fasting.

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