Loneliness, The Good Side.

Through loneliness I am learning

  • In my need, I have drawn closer to the holy spirit of Jesus, and he has drawn closer to me.
  • Because of being closer to Jesus, I am made stronger.
  • I am learning that Jesus is sufficient for me and fulfills me in ways that humans can not.
  • I should not expect from a friend or mate what can only be found in relationship with God.
  • It is possible to be content with no friend near, but never without Jesus.
  • A person who is contented by Jesus makes the best friend or mate.
  • Loneliness subsides as contentedness in Jesus is found.
  • To be a friend who is content is more important than having a friend.
  • Contentment in Christ Jesus makes one the most attractive to another who is of the same mind.

For the redeemed, loneliness, like all kinds of trials, can be counted on to bring joy over time. Though God is not the author of sin (personal or that of others), confusion, or anything of the sort that can bring loneliness on, he uses trials to do wonderful work within the deepest part of the soul; things like patience, which gives trust, belief, and enjoyment of the true riches and good things (not those of earth) that come down to us from Heaven.

Ahh, so nice.

CJ Standifer

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