Sell Your Coat, Buy A Sword?

The Coat

The coat (cloak) represents the earthly things that we depend on to keep us warm, comfortable and to protect us from life-threatening elements. The things that we depend on are what our hope and devotion get applied to. In his call for us to sell these things, Yeshua (Jesus) leads us to separate ourselves from dependency on the things of earth so that we have the time and means for pursuing the life that is not of the earth, but heaven.

When the call to separate ourselves from dependency on earthly things is answered, our true earthly needs are promised. We no longer need to devote ourselves to earthly satisfaction or survival. We cannot devote ourselves to serving the things of earth and the things God at the same time.

This doesn’t mean to quit our job. That would be like a bird that refuses to fly in search of the food and nesting that have been provided for him. He doesn’t plant, harvest, and store up provision, but he does search for what God provides; or like a flower that refuses to stretch its roots through the ground and its leaves to the sun. Simply put, the birds and plants aren’t so devoted to provision and want that they fail to enjoy flight, sun, air, nutrients, and doing their special jobs. They simply accept what is provided and live.

Yeshua is teaching us the importance and benefit of selling our devotion and service to earthly things (our cloak) to buy a very special sword. A sword that has spiritual power from heaven. A sword that we can depend on to do more for ourselves and our loved ones than the whole world of earthly things could ever do.  A sword that does good things that can only come down from heaven and will keep us busy about our Father’s business. 

The cost of this sword is our love, trust, devotion, and want for the things and ways of the world. We can sell them to God in exchange for the sharpest and most durable sword that ever was, is, or will be.

The sword

We cannot devote ourselves to obtaining this sword and the things of the earth at the same time. And we don’t need to try. When devoted to buying this sword, our earthly need is provided by God in the same way that He provides for the Raven and the Lilly of the field. It may not be the provision our old nature craves, but with our coat, we are buying a sword that our new nature can use for victory in every area.

The sword is the “sword of the spirit”. The sword of the spirit is the word of God, enlivened by the Holy Spirit of Yeshua (Jesus). The Holy Spirit is the spiritual presence of Yahshua on earth and in the lives of his people.

The written and the living word of God are different. One is knowledge. The other is the knowledge of God’s word with his Spirit revealing the meaning, removing all doubt, and turning it into the true kind of faith, activated within our deepest being. The smallest of true faith can remove mountains and trees of opposition with all of their roots.

For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it pierces even to the dividing of soul and spirit, joints, and marrow. It judges the thoughts and intentions of the heart.

Hebrews 4:12

Have you heard of the “treasure hidden in a field” or, “the pearl of great price? The living word of God (Yeshua, the sword of the spirit), brings the Kingdom of Heaven to earth to become engaged with and devoted to those who devote themselves to him.

This is the treasure hidden in a field and the pearl of great price. The living word of God is of such great value that we could never buy him though we sell all we have. But the Lord accepts what we offer when we sell to him our earthly wants from out of our eyes so that we can see the value of him. Seeing the vast treasure of his presence and provision eliminates the need for the treasures of the earth. Yeshua is the sword of the spirit. He, in oneness with His followers is the treasure. He provides all that is needed for us to answer his call. The value of his reward is beyond all of the cosmos.

Pursuit, accumulation, and enjoyment of the things of earth occupy the devotion and time that a man has in this life.  Man generally depends on worldly things for protection, peace, and joy. To sell the cloak is to turn from these to pursue, live, and enjoy life through the living word of God. When we devote ourselves to believing, knowing, and serving Yahweh God through Yeshua, His living word and sword, all things we need like provision, protection, peace, joy, relationships, work, play, and rest are promised in ways beyond measure, and that without worry and sickly side effects.

Why don’t we see more of this kind of provision? Well, how much do we sell our cloak to buy the sword? And when we do sell our cloak, how much of our selling is truly motivated by the pursuit of the sword instead of a means to more earthly things as though we are buying the sword from an earthly King. How much of the cloak is truly sold to buy the Sword Of The Spirit? Generally, we the church score pretty poorly on these questions. If it wasn’t so, we would be seeing a much greater amount of victory in every area.

If you find yourself addicted to dependency and devotion to your cloak, please see the article: “Addiction – The Sure Cure,” on this site.

Please pray with me.

Our Father in Heaven, I confess the hold that I have on my coat – the things of earth that provide comfort and joy against the elements and adversity of this world. I determine to sell them and the time-consuming pursuit and enjoyment of them, to buy the Sword of your Spirit

I now look for the treasure from above, which is your Word, enlivened by your Spirit; your Word which was made flesh and lived among us; your Word – Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah (Savior); Yeshua, who returned to earth in the Holy Spirit to continue giving true life from above to all who place their hope and faith in him; Yeshua, the living word of Yahweh; Yeshua, the Sword of the Spirit.

Yeshua, Sword of the Holy Spirit, we deny our affections for the things of earth, so that we can use our time and devotion for becoming filled with the heavenly treasure of your way, truth, and life; to pursue you and become filled with you, the sword of the Spirit whom is sharper than any other; to be enabled to cut through flesh and bone to the marrow, and then through to where soul and spirit meet.

I sell my coat to buy this sword, and with it, to become effective against the enemy at speaking your life to the lost, miss-led, oppressed, sick, and dying.

I praise and thank you for providing my work and needs. I determine to commit the work of my hands to your glory, the glory of your sword, and the work it will do; reaching deep into the thought and intent of hearts; opening eyes and ears to see and hear who you are.

I give up my life (coat) to buy the sword of the Spirit, for your benefit and that of my friends.

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