Suffering, It’s Value

Finding my measure of faith and using it to cry out to God is priceless.

Out of my distress I cried to Yahweh and he answered me,

from the belly of Shoel I cried out; you heard my voice!

Jonah 1:3

Through suffering; Jonah, Moses, the Israelites in the desert, David, Samson, Joseph, the Profits, and on and on into the new testament Disciples, and myriads of believers after, through their suffering, they cried out to God.

At times their cries included contempt for God. Yet while reproving them for their contempt, Yahweh lovingly answered their cries.

The value of answers from God far outweighs avoidance of suffering. God’s loving answers are eternal. Life on earth is less than a grain of dust in the universe compared to eternity.

We may not understand much about suffering, but we know so little about eternity, Heaven, and the need for us to cry out for God’s help. We desperately need his help for us to overcome the world so that we can enter to walk in the eternal Holy Spirit.

How does it work?

When out of desperation we cry out to God, we use our little measure of faith. When used, faith is increased. Faith is our communication trail to God. With use, the trail is cleared.

With little use, a trail returns to being the forest growing things, littered with fallen obstacles, hard to traverse. With little use, the trail of faith returns to the world.

Through faith in God, nothing is impossible. The suffering that causes us to know Yahweh better becomes valuable in that light.

Avoid suffering?

What if we find our measure of faith and work at using it before the need of suffering? Though I do not claim to understand all about suffering, common sense tells us that the habitual use of faith for walking with God will help prevent the need for suffering as a cause for us to find and use it.

Since the need for a faithful relationship with God is a huge reason for suffering, then a faithful relationship of walking in the Holy Spirit with God eliminates a huge amount of suffering. Much is against us in this. Walking in the Holy Spirit is work, but a good one. Through faith in Jesus Christ, all things are possible.

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