How To Know I’m Going To Heaven

Saving Faith is believing every word of God. The word of God was made into the flesh of Jesus the Messiah; God came to earth and spoke to us through Him.

“…blessed are they who hear the word of God and keep it.” Yeshua Messiah Lk. 11:28

The Gift Of Faith
The things we do, or not, can be part of knowing that we’re going to Heaven. But there is nothing that we can do to qualify. By faith in Jesus, we qualify, but even that is a gift from Him. Jesus gives this faith to those whom He knew beforehand would choose to believe Him. He directs the circumstance that leads them to the choice of believing Him once and for all of eternity.

I can know that I’m going to heaven because I believe in God without reserve. I believe Him to the extent that I continually search for His Way, Truth, and Life, and call on Him for healing from every indifference to what He has said. This is having faith in God; this is what it is to receive his word, Yeshua the Messiah.

In the beginning, was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. Jn. 1:1

The Word became flesh and lived among us. Jn. 1:14.

Just as the word of your voice is you, vocalized, Jesus, who is the word of God, is God, vocalized. He was made into a man and spoke to us. Believing in His word is having Faith in God.

From such a faith, one searches and finds the way God has provided for imperfect man to be separated from his imperfections (sin), and allowed into His perfect Kingdom; separated, not because one achieves enough self-control, but because the spirit of a person has become willing to hear, believe and follow God’s Way, Truth, and Life. And to believe Him despite the battle with weak flesh that is overcome with God’s help and healing in time.

From the time of Adam and Eve, placing our complete faith in the Way, the Truth, and the Life of Yahweh God, and thus Jesus, has been our part for entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Let’s look at how Adam and Eve were given assurance to their hope of a return to the Kingdom of Heaven after placing their faith in the voice (Words) of Yahweh God. But first, we’ll review what having faith in God is.

Faith is knowing without a doubt. To have faith, in general, is choosing to believe what we know. To have faith in God is to believe all that we know about him. To know and ignore the goodness of God, and habitually stray from His word without repentance, is to oppose having faith in God.

Jesus Christ (the savior) is the voice (word) of God. He was God’s spoken word that created the universe long before he came into the world as a man and is God’s word in the world today within and through the Holy Spirit. Having Faith in God is to believe, receive and work at living His word – Jesus the Messiah. This is true for those who have believed in Jesus through reading the bible and it’s teachings, and those who have not heard of the bible or teachings, but believe his Spirit as Jesus speaks of His oneness and goodness through nature and conscience.

Adam and Eve

In the story of Adam and Eve, we can understand the process of a return to faith in God, and separated from imperfection (sin) and death, to be restored to life in God.

When Adam and Eve had doubted God and turned from him to follow the lies of Satin and enjoy the knowledge and flavor of the forbidden fruit (the good-tasting side of evil), God had to remove his Holy spirit, from their spirit. They were no longer willing recipients of his holiness. He would not force His Holy Spirit upon them. The spirit of evil and the spirit of God could not mix. The most important; God-given, God enlivened, God connecting, recipient of the Holy Spirit part of their being, their faith in the perfection of God, had died!

They had rejected: the word of God; the bread of life; the way, truth, life; and the chief cornerstone to the building of God’s people. God lives in his word, and his word lives in him. They had rejected His word, and so, rejected Yahweh God. Though forbiddance from the tree was only one of the countless things God had spoken, this one doubt and action had broken their faith and tie with God. From that time, they hid from God, and their sin multiplied.

But in his great love, Yahweh made a plan. He would make the word-part (voice) of his being, the word they had rejected, into a man. The man would be from his own seed, His only Son. And he would also be a son of man, from the womb of a woman, His only begotten Son. In his Son, God would present his holy word for all of mankind to believe and receive once again. He would make the Holy Spirit of his word available to receive through a renewed reception and full faith. His son would become a sacrifice that would suffer and pay the eternal death penalty for all who turn away from rejecting his word and turn back to believe and receive him. He would take their sins away to the abyss and leave them there. And because of his own perfection, he could rise from that awful place carrying all who receive and thus join him into his kingdom, leaving their faults be behind.

How Long Is Too Long?

We aren’t told how long the season was that Adam and Eve enjoyed the good-tasting fruit of sin. The fruit tasted good, and they may not have wanted to give it up for a long while. And since Yahweh is so fearsomely powerful, in their shame and doubt of his honesty and love, they could have been hiding from and ignoring His call for a very long time. The spirit behind sin is an expert at deceit, selfish pleasure, and convincing doubt of God.

What we do know is that eventually Adam and Eve responded to God’s call. Though their spirit of faith in God had died, Yahweh continued to approach their world and call for their return home to fellowship with Him.

After their fall, Adam and Eve still had their souls. And their dimming souls yearned for the spirit of God. The darkness of sin was quenching their soul’s light, and a deathly illness was upon it. Though the fruit of sin had tasted so good, it held no shadow to the Holy Spirit of God. They grew to become ashamed of tasting evil and were in fear of what God would do. They had tried to cover the exposure of their sin with fig leaves to become more presentable to God and restore some favor from him. But the sin that was part of them now could not be covered or mixed with the Holy Spirit of Yahweh.

Becoming more presentable by their efforts to cover their shame and doubt could not make them good enough for the holiness of  God. They had chosen a different father to believe and follow. They could not cover up the exposure of his knowledge.

The call of Yahweh God

It was the cool of the day. Yahweh God strolled sadly through the garden calling for Adam. Hearing him, the man and his wife hid among the trees of the garden. Dread of more death overwhelmed them. ‘Adam, where are you?’ Yahweh called.

Adam now had to decide. Reject The call of Yahweh God (again?) and enjoy the pleasure of sin for as long as he would allow, or reason with him in hope of his mercy and a way back to the joy and glory of his favor. He decided to turn from the good tasting side of evil, answer Yahweh’s call, and reason with him. They would rather face the righteous judgment of Yahweh than continue following the deathly lies of Satin. Perhaps the loving mercy of Yahweh would provide a way back to truth and life.

Reasoning with God

Adam was only partially honest about why they had hid. Both were partially honest about why they had doubted Yahweh and disobeyed.

But Yahweh looked beyond the stain of evil that had caused their sin and dishonest excuses. He saw their renewed faith that made them willing to reason with him and receive his words. Because of their renewed faith, weak as it was, he made a way for them to be separated from their sin, re-enter his rightness, and receive his Holy Spirit. Their lifeless spirit could be re-born.

God proves his love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

Romans 5:8

We know that Adam and Eve returned to having faith in God because: they turned from sin to believe in what they had known about His goodness; they feared righteous judgment, answered his call, and allowed him to reason with them. They agreed that God had been completely right. They knew that their fearless disobedience had been wrong, and they admitted it.

Believing fear of God’s righteous judgment along with answering his call to reason with him, reveals faith in his word. By faith, we are saved through God’s grace.

Am I going to Heaven? Do I have the renewed faith that Adam and Eve had; the kind of faith that delights Yahweh into looking beyond my poor and dishonest excuses? Do I have the provided coverage that separates me from the good and bad taste of evil? Do I listen for God’s presence and answer “yes” when he calls for me to reason with him?

No man can be good enough for going to Heaven.

Goodness is a result of salvation. But salvation can not occur from being good enough enough. “Good enough” reveals residual sin. If the sinful self could enter Heaven, then Heaven would no longer be a perfectly good place. Sin is rightly banned. There is no way to be good “enough” to go to Heaven. Without the perfect goodness of God’s word being received through faith in him, the least of sin would prevent us from his Kingdom. Sin must be separated from us.

Escape from spiritual death.

Within their time of enjoying sin, Adam and Eve also experienced the death of their spirit and the emptiness of losing their walk with God. The taste of heir new master’s “good” fruit faded. They continually craved more just to calm the pain of their anxiety. Yahweh had been right. They were dead to his spirit and sought for a way to return.  Their attempt to cover their shame with fig leaves to conceal it and look good enough for God did not work. The sinful nature of their flesh was exposed. It could not be present in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Though they had hidden from God in shame, they returned to believing all of His words (this is the beginning of the return to having faith in God). When they answered his call to reason with him (their faith at work), he covered them with a tunic that he made with the skin of an animal. This cover represented Jesus the Savior. Their sins were taken away; they could receive his Holy Spirit; their spirit was reborn and given life from the spirit of Yahweh. Though they now had to live in a world cursed by sin, through the Holy Spirit, they could walk with God again.

From the time of Adam and Eve, until Judgment day, unreserved faith in God is our way to receive God’s provision of Yeshua’s body and blood to pay for and cover our sin. Having faith in Yahweh is the only way He will apply the body and blood of Yeshua to us. He will not apply it to anyone who rejects his word (way, truth ,and life) to continue in sin after knowing better, thus trampling his blood under their feet. But he will forgive and cleanse us five hundred times a day as we ask for it out pf trust and belief in His way, truth, and life. Through God’s grace and mercy, like Adam and Eve, we’ve been allowed to turn from our sin, return to loving God, and have faith in him as many times as it takes in a day for us to overcome the “good” taste of sin. When we return to faith in him, he joyfully appropriates the body and blood of Yeshua to stand in place of our dead body and spirit. He covers our sin and accepts us into his kingdom. Every time we are forgiven of sin, we are forgiven and cleansed and become stronger to resist it.

How it works

God provided the way to be separated from our sinful human side so that we can enter into His Kingdom today and be accepted on judgment day.

How did Yeshua take our place in spirtual death?

While maintaining his place in Heaven as Father, the Holy Spirit of God placed his seed,he seed of His word, in a woman (Mary) to be born as the Son of God and also as the Son of Man. His name is Yeshua.

Yeshua came to earth as –

  • The living word of God (The way, the truth, and the life).
  • The son of God (God, within his spoken word, made into a man).
  • The Son Of Man (God, born of a woman, a man like us).
  • The sinless sacrifice for our sin. (In his death, Jesus took sin away from all those who have faith in, receive, and become one with him).

Yeshua came to regenerate the spirit of all who are willing to be in full agreement with him. He breathes his Holy Spirit into their dead spirit. They are re-born into his Kingdom.

Due to Yeshua’s goodness and perfection, those who believe in him have their penalties paid for by his blood. Their sins are dead to them. Their spirit is born again. They have the right to become the sons of God. They are resurrected with him and are now sitting with him in spirit at the right hand of the Father in Heaven!               

Through a complete belief (faith) in the Lord Yeshua, and therefore God, we become engaged in marriage to him, us in Him and He in us. His life, death, and resurrection are effective in us. His spirit re-births our spirit. We are free from sin and death. We have entered his kingdom, and so long as we choose to return, we are of the chosen on judgment day.

How do I believe God that much?

Believe everything that you know about the one true God; everything, without exception. That’s all he asks. Start there. Determine to cry out to him for help and healing when you fail. See “Addiction, The sure Cure” on this site for God’s promised cure for any kind of sin. Miraculous help is promised.

Because of their desire and faith, Yeshua receives the faithful for engagement in marriage. The love is so strong that they are already becoming joined. His saving works of life, death to sin, and resurrection into his Kingdom become theirs as they live within Him.

Don’t know much?

God adds more working knowledge and understanding of Himself (faith) when we follow him according to the amount of faith that we already have, no matter the measure. To have faith in God is to believe what we know of him and to walk in it. As we walk in faith, the blood of Yeshua covers the sin that blinds us. As sin is covered by Yeshua, our eyes get opened. Then we can see and understand more about God. This is added faith. Seeing more of God, we see more love, love to have and use. As we apply our love to God and neighbor, God increases it.

I know I’m going to Heaven because

Can you say this with me?

  1. I fear God in a way that reveals faith in his judgment.
  2. I listen for God and turn from my sinful life to answer his call and reason with him concerning my condition. (This reveals faith in his word).
  3. Yahweh God looks beyond my sin to see my faith in him. Because of my faith, he provides a garment of rightness that he bought with the body and blood of his only begotten Son. The body and blood of Yeshua take my sins away to the grave.
  4. I receive the Lord Yeshua the Word of Yahweh God who was made flesh and lived among us. I choose to trust and follow his words in every way. When I fail and sin, I will listen for his call to reason with him and believe his cleansing words.                    


Our Father in Heaven. I turn away from the good and the bad taste of my sins to listen for you, reason with you, and believe every word you say concerning my condition. Thank you for looking beyond my dishonest excuses, and all of my other sins, to honor my faith in you, and to clothe me with your life, death, and resurrection of our Lord Yeshua the Savior.

Faith in the one true God gives an assurance of the life in the Kingdom of Heaven that we hope for. The good work of love that faith produces is evidence of the Kingdom of Heaven in our life on earth; the kingdom that is not seen with human eyes.

Insight from Hebrews 11:1
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