Hear God Speak

Job heard God’s rebuke out of a fearsome whirlwind. He heard Gods favor during peace.

Jonah heard God’s rebuke while being swallowed into the slimy stench and discomfort of the belly of a fish. After being barfed up, He heard God’s direction in the comfort and joy of a beach by the ocean.

God got Elijah’s attention by the threat of Jezebel, a wind that blasted rocks lose, an earthquake, and fire. But to give Elijah direction and power to achieve greater things, God spoke in a whisper.

Yeshua uses the wind, quakes, and fires of life for moving us to give up trusting in our way and give our attention to Him and listen for his gentile and joyful Spirit to guide us on to greater service.

Our Father, no matter the conditions, we decide to be still, listen for your quiet counsel, and believe it completely. Give us strength when we do not.

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