Experience God On New Levels

Yeshua (Jesus) appears within the Holy Spirit to lead us into all truth. We answer His call and follow His lead. We experience Yahweh God.

We continue struggling against our imperfections, turning away from them, following, tasting, and seeing that life from Yahweh God is good beyond all that could be gained from the world. Now, we experience God on a new level.

The world calls from behind. “I have perfumed my bed and sweetened my fruit. Oh, remember the relief I gave, God is too lofty for you! You are too weak, you need my pleasures; you can’t survive without them!” She beggs with lies and sets her traps.

The storm rages, fear sets in, and like Job, we sink. Swallowed by storm, sea and monster fish, we breathe the foul air of doubting Yahweh’s call. But we still breathe. The horror of being eaten, slowly digested, and knowing no way out, has become a way out.

From the belly of the fish that carried us to inescapable depths, with corrosive slime and stench all about us, we again heed the resounding call of Yeshua; “Come to me all of you who are weary and heavily burdened, and I will give you rest” (Mt. 11:28). We turn back to Him, believing Him. We experience God on a new level.

We find ourselves barfed up on a beach like Job. We Breathe the air of the Holy Spirit and dive into His waters, being washed from the slime and stench. We walk in the Spirit, walking with God to do His will. We experience God on a new level.

Daily we learn to keep walking in the Holy Spirit, holding on to our belief in all of Yeshua’s ways, intent on overcoming and confessing all indifference and failure. And so daily the Holy Spirit of Yahweh works with us, healing us. Daily we experience the beauty and glory of knowing God on new levels.

As we grow within the Holy Spirit, our eyes are increasingly opened to Yeshua and what He is doing. As we use what we see of Him, loving and serving God and our neighbor, doing His will, more of His love, wisdom, and power are revealed to us. And we experience Yahweh God on new levels continually.

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