Thoughts on Faith

Faith in Yahweh is to see, hear, trust, and believe Him. By the choice to practice these, they increase. By the choice to ignore them, they diminish.

Loss of faith in Yahweh is a loss to the soul.

With the choice to live what is known of God, faith increases.

The faithlessness of others causes faith to to be seen, and show the way; just as darkness reveals a candle.

Darkness reveals a candle but does not increase it.

As the known will, life, and works of Yeshua (Jesus) are practiced, they become more clear. Ignored and left behind, they fade and become lost from sight and hearing. Loss of faith is loss to the soul.

When the truth hurts, it has been heard; when ignored, It has not been heard.

Held closely and practiced, truth heals and gives eternal joy. If rejected for temporary pleasure or relief, truth gets lost from sight and hearing.

I am the way, the truth, and the life. Yeshua

Confession and repentance before God is the first step for holding on to truth; as practiced, God’s promised forgiveness brings sight, hearing, and faith back to the soul.

Faith and Joy come when Yahweh is seen and heard.

Thoughts of man or ritual will not reveal faith. Faith is a God-given knowledge of Him and his works. To those who live in their known faith, Yahweh gives the revelation of more faith. When there is no effort to live in known faith, the revelation of it is taken and given to another.

Your word is you, going out for your cause and effect. Yahweh’s Word is Himself going out to do His works. Yeshua (Jesus) is God’s Word, speaking His will to us personally, and doing His work.

Acceptance and practice of Yahweh’s word (Yeshua) opens eyes and ears to the revelation of more truth. Truth revealed is an increase of faith. Truth lived is the exercise of faith. Increase comes with exercise.

Chosen ignorance of Yeshua who is the way, the truth, and the life of Yahweh is a rejection of Him. Rejection of Him also rejects His mercy and payment for our sin. Without the payment and separation from sin, no man can enter into the sinless Kingdom of Heaven.

Though a faithful man fails a thousand times, his faith will continually bring him to repentance and confession of sin. His reception of God’s promised mercy, cleansing, and healing become renewed, and his soul is restored.

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