Stolen Minds Of Children

Children’s minds and will are being stolen on a massive scale. From the time they can watch a screen and then go to school they are being programmed to run from the control of God, parents, and self at the first opportunity. Beyond childhood, the seduction increases.

Roaring Lion

Who is doing this? All who do not believe and serve Yeshua. And, those believers who stray away.

Be sober-minded and alert. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour

1 Pet 5:8


We are tools in the hands of whom we believe. No matter what we do, it comes from believing either Yahweh or Satin, and it serves to accomplish the work of one or the other; Yahweh for life, or Satin for death.


Most of the world: corporations, governments, individuals, and even the so-called church, function from self-interest in place of believing in Yahweh God. Yeshua, (the Word of God) gets ignored or placed second to self. And so, most of mankind works for Satin purposefully or unawares. We serve one or the other.

For many are called, but few are chosen.

Matthew 22:14

Sacrifice, myself, or the children?

Do I sacrifice my pursuit of self-gratification to be with the children to teach, protect, and train them in the way of Yeshua; or do I sacrifice the children to the media, schools, government programs, and way of the world to make it convenient for me to find gain and pleasure? Do I trust in Yahweh (the Father, Yeshua, and Holy Spirit) for peace and happiness? Or do I ignore Him and make excuses for putting Him on the ‘later’ list? Do I give my life to love the children with Yeshua kind of love that sacrifices my self-interest? Do I press into the high calling of God to be a tool in the hands of Yahweh preparing the children for a victorious life in Him, protecting the children from the seductions of Satin? Do I sacrifice my time to pray for them?

We are offered the banquet of the word, the oil of the Spirit, the talents, the pearl of great price, the foundation of stone, the good seed and ground, and mountain-moving faith. What is my first intention of use for them; myself, or the children and others?

Our children have most of the world against them. Satin prods their enemies to lead them away from our Father, Yeshua, and the Holy Spirit. We are their first line of defense if we will pick up our cross and follow Yeshua to protect and nurture them.

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