What God Calls Marriage

Birth Is Birth

Does a legal document, ritual, or celebration make anyone more birthed? Do they add more spirit, soul, or flesh to a person? No, they may add to things surrounding birth, but add nothing to its reality. The same is true with marriage. For the legitimacy of a marriage, reliance on a legal document, ritual, celebration, or anything other than how Yahweh specifically says a marriage occurs, is false and damaging.

The married, baptized, driver, carpenter, lawyer, pastor; you name it, become what they are by their abilities. Law and ritual may legally certify, but they can’t make us what we are. Why do we hope in law and ritual to make a marriage occur, placing the real bonds of love and the Word of Yahweh below them.

What does Yahweh say?

Marriage is a birth of sorts and is born when a man leaves attachment to Father and Mother, mutually cleaves or attaches to his wife, and they become united as one person for life. In other words, when they mate for life. This is when Yahweh says marriage is created.

Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.

Gn 2:24, Mt 19:5, Mk 10:7, Eps 5:31

Yahweh is very clear that marriage is created when a man leaves his father and mother to mutually attach to his wife. His word adds no further requirement. His word records weddings but does not teach that the ritual, document, or anything else other than the word of Yahweh, and the man, and his wife, can join them. The biblical record of wedding customs and what Yahweh said creates a marriage are two different things. Yeshua (Jesus) attended a wedding, but according to His word, the couple’s choice to mate, and the word of Yahweh (Yeshua) is what joined them. The wedding ceremony was simply a customary time and place for the final moment of their decision to become one flesh. Though Yeshua was there, He never tells us in the bible that a ceremony or document is required to finalize the marriage. As the word of Yahweh, Yeshua is what finalized their wedding. It just happened to be at a ceremony. Oh that the word of Yahweh could be seen as the attaching power in marriage.

What about the sex?

Sex is the bodily side of the union. The bodily side of the union is so powerful that a union of flesh occurs if partners are “married” or not. But the most powerful side of a Godly marriage is the word of Yahweh, and the mutual decision to commit to each other for life.

Adding to the Word of Yahweh

Lack of faith in the clear word of Yahweh, fear of loss, and lust for control are some of the reasons man has added law, custom, and tradition, to what it takes for a marriage to be birthed.

How Has That Worked Out?

Terrible! Just look around. Reliance on law and custom, in place of God’s word, has caused utter failure in Christian marriage.

The benefit of Faith In Yahweh

Trusting Yahweh on how marriage is birthed will bring more of the needed education concerning the right decisions toward attachment relationships. Once the attachment is understood to be marriage, couples will be more cautious about bonding for life; frivolous and multiple marriages and their tragic results will be avoided.

How does that work?

Based on truth, marriage is free from the law and lived by love. How might that work out? GREAT!

From Truth To Lie

Yahweh gets ignored by men to instruct on how third-party man creates marriage through law and custom. Because of this, married couples hope in dead law and flounder for the lack of full honor to the one source of their union. And for the “unmarried” who live together and are really married, the absence of knowing that they are married can harden their hearts against Yahweh.

What Harm?

This is some of the harm that a lack of understanding toward the creation of marriage does.

  • Being altered, the foundation, heart, and strength of marriage are weak.
  • Not knowing they are married, couples suffer guilt and its many results, including avoidance of Yahweh.
  • Loving one another to nurture one flesh is minimized by dependency on law and ritual.
  • Being based on ritual and law (the lie) the marriage has no foundation other than what amount of true love is there to survive its overlords.
  • Teachers suffer. The consequences of pride, teaching what is not true, adding to God’s Word, and placing stumbling blocks in front of others adds up.
  • Many are held away from Yeshua due to a misled conscience.

What To Do

We should be teaching what creates a marriage according to Yahweh:

  • To our children, so they don’t fall into marriage uneducated or unknowingly and suffer the consequences.
  • To those who don’t know they are married and suffer the results of doing what they think is against God.
  • To the married who depend on dead law and ritual in place of Yahweh to solidify their marriage.
  • To the married, so they can understand the source of their oneness and turn to Yeshua for the nurture of their union by mutual oneness in Him.
  • To our children, so they can plan for a good and solid marriage.
  • To singles, so they can understand when marriage is created and avoid premature marriage.
  • To singles, so they can knowingly be married when circumstances, false teaching, law, ritual, and traditions would prevent it.

Father, Thank you for teaching us about the reality of when marriage occurs. Help us to see your word clearly and refrain from believing in the additions of men. Forgive us for doing so, and the harm we have caused by it. Lead us to teach your word only concerning marriage, and other beliefs where we have fallen for the same kind of fallacy.                             Where your meaning is not so clear to everyone, help us to see its meaning through clear contextual reference in your word. Deliver us from doubting you and trying to correct you by adding law, tradition, and custom, to complete what you have clearly said.   

In the authority of your name and Word, Yeshua, we pray. So be it, amen.

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