How To Go To Heaven In Two Words – Believe Yahweh.

Yahweh Knows

Out of every possible circumstance, Yahweh knows what our future choices will be. Within His gift to us of free will, He arranges for our past, present, and future circumstances to lead us to our self-chosen conclusions. To those who will conclude to believe Yahweh, He uses circumstances, good or bad, for leading them to believe Him and accept His provision for going to Heaven.

Through God’s grace and mercy, we are saved by faith. Faith is believing in God completely, without reserve for any kind of opposing beliefs. Through this kind of faith, Yahweh credits us with His perfect rightness through which we can enter the perfection of Heaven, separated from our imperfections.

What about present and future fails?

When we believe God without reserve and see our doubt and sin as a failure, our spirit maintains an unreserved belief in God and is divided from the sin of our flesh. For those who believe In Yahweh without reserve, the sin of their flesh died with Yeshua the Savior; the spirit is resurrected with Him. By unreserved belief in Yahweh God, we maintain faith in God. By faith, we are saved through grace and are accepted in Heaven

Freewill Conclusion

This reading is a circumstance that Yahweh has brought you into to encourage your will toward unreserved belief (faith) in all that He is, His Word, and what He desires for you to be: one who believes Yahweh God.

Please pray with me.

Our Father in Heaven, I choose this day to believe and have faith in you in every way. I hold nothing back from now on for all time and beyond. All of your ways are good and right.

I will struggle against the doubt and sins of my flesh and lower nature, confessing my sins to you for forgiveness and healing. Be merciful to me a sinner. I believe you, Father, help me from my unbelief.

I thank and praise you for providing the escape from my lower nature (flesh) in the spilled blood of Yeshua the Savior. Your love is unfathomable.

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