Why Should I Be Saved

You name it. Whatever kind of evil imaginable and beyond, these are what Yeshua [Jesus] saves those who will believe and receive Him from.

The Kool-Aid was sweet at the Jonestown massacre. Life can be so sweet, and when not, sweetness seems just ahead to keep us focused on it; and when sweetness is found it doesn’t last, turns bitter, and more seems just ahead.

Yeshua laid everything down, the sweet things of earth, and Himself, to save us.

Believing in all that Yeshua has said and done, and receiving Him as Lord [ to receive His way, truth, and life], gives the power to become one with Him as a son of God. Sons of God are saved from the totality of evil. They drink from the sweetness of Heaven in this very short life, regardless of the temptations and trials they are working through, and then from sweetness for eternity.

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