How can I KNOW if God wants to heal!

So often, we make the greatest contingency to healing “the will of God.” But does God? Nowhere in the four gospels is the ill told to stay sick for spiritual growth or stability. God’s will to heal is predominant.

Concerning healing, Yeshua (Jesus) said, “I will.” His countless healings, those of the disciples, His love, and His sacrifice overwhelmingly tell us that it is his will to heal us. It’s other things that get in the way.

Here’s the deal. Our Father always desires our wellness. He is love and we are His children. To think less of Him is an insult. But He will use our pursuit of His desire to heal us for working on our faith.

Consider the woman with a daughter that had a demon (Mat 15). Regardless of several hard reasons for her to give up on the goodness of Yeshua, she continued pursuing her daughter’s healing. Every time a hard-core reason to doubt came to the surface, even when it came from the disciples and when it appeared to come from Yeshua, she pressed forward with all her strength! How about the woman with the issue of blood? And many others. None of these said, “maybe Yeshua has a reason not to heal” They simply pleaded for His goodness without clause for rejection; and as they did, their faith in Him grew stronger. And by their faith and trust in Yeshua for the love that He is, they could be receptive to His care and have their healing. And so, they did have it.

What About Paul? (2 Cor:12)

Paul is one example of God allowing an illness to linger. But one case with Paul out of the entire new covenant makes it a rare case.

In the letters to the churches, Paul tells that he prayed for healing three times about an undisclosed illness that had a demonic side to it. He concluded that God wanted to keep him from pride by not removing the demonic harassment that caused his weakness.

Paul’s case is very rare. He had been to the third Heaven and heard things not to be repeated. And his is a very rare case of a reason for God not to heal.

Yet, we quickly latch on to Paul’s case and doubt that God wants to heal. Why? We’ll get to the “why.”

Paul prayed, appealing to Father’s will to heal, not question it. His conclusion was not that Father didn’t want to heal. It was that his faith in Father over pride needed a reminder. And, he didn’t say he gave up on deliverance. He excepted his condition for the time. And this, AFTER he unquestionably heard a reason for it from God.

Here’s a good answer to, “why do I quickly latch on to the rare case of Paul in place of the overwhelming evidence of God’s will to heal now?”

Healing takes faith because we can’t receive what we don’t believe. For faith to grow we must learn, believe, and keep (do) the word of God. Doing the word takes sacrifice and is work, spiritual and physical. Our flesh doesn’t want to do any of that. It’s much easier to say, “I’m like Paul. Im so spiritual that God wants sickness to keep me from getting prideful; maybe God don’t want to heal m,” or something like that. Where ever there’s a maybe, there is no clear message from God.

What Now?

So how can I know? In respect and by faith in God’s love, and by overwhelming evidence, take it for granted that He wants you and those you care for to be healed today. Then remember or learn of the new covenant healing events. Hear and see the souls of those who pursued and were healed. See their their insistent appeal to God’s care and love. Start your campaign to believe and pursue His prepared and waiting love and care to heal. Let nothing distract. Stay focused on Yeshua. Be fervant.

Yeshua s u f f e r e d so much for my healing, and others for whom I bring to Him. His flesh was in shreds. Why oh why do I doubt that He wants us healed now, right now, today? I am asking myself. Will you ask yourself with me? I find so much doubt within. Lord, we confess our sin of doubting your love and this purpose in your sacrifice! We plead for your cleanse and healing from this doubt of your loving will to heal.

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