How can I KNOW if God wants to heal!

So often, we make the greatest contingency to healing “the will of God.” But does God? Nowhere in the four gospels is the ill told to stay sick for spiritual growth or stability. God’s will to heal is predominant.

Concerning healing, Yeshua (Jesus) said, “I will.” His countless healings, those of the disciples, His love, and His sacrifice overwhelmingly tell us that it is his will to heal us. It’s other things that get in the way.

Here’s the deal. Our Father always desires our wellness. He is love and we are His children. To think less of Him is an insult. But He will use our pursuit of His desire to heal us for working on our faith.

Consider the woman with a daughter that had a demon (Mat 15). Regardless of several hard reasons for her to give up on the goodness of Yeshua, she continued pursuing her daughter’s healing. Every time a hard-core reason to doubt came to the surface, even when it came from the disciples and when it appeared to come from Yeshua, she pressed forward with all her strength! How about the woman with the issue of blood? And many others. None of these said, “maybe Yeshua has a reason not to heal” They simply pleaded for His goodness without clause for rejection; and as they did, their faith in Him grew stronger. And by their faith and trust in Yeshua for the love that He is, they could be receptive to His care and have their healing. And so, they did have it.

What About Paul? (2 Cor:12)

Paul is one example of God allowing an illness to linger. But one case with Paul out of the entire new covenant makes it a rare case.

In the letters to the churches, Paul tells that he prayed for healing three times about an undisclosed illness that had a demonic side to it. He concluded that God wanted to keep him from pride by not removing the demonic harassment that caused his weakness.

Paul’s case is very rare. He had been to the third Heaven and heard things not to be repeated. And his is a very rare case of a reason for God not to heal.

Yet, we quickly latch on to Paul’s case and doubt that God wants to heal. Why? We’ll get to the “why.”

Paul prayed, appealing to Father’s will to heal, not question it. His conclusion was not that Father didn’t want to heal. It was that his faith in Father over pride needed a reminder. And, he didn’t say he gave up on deliverance. He excepted his condition for the time. And this, AFTER he unquestionably heard a reason for it from God.

Here’s a good answer to, “why do I quickly latch on to the rare case of Paul in place of the overwhelming evidence of God’s will to heal now?”

Healing takes faith because we can’t receive what we don’t believe. For faith to grow we must learn, believe, and keep (do) the word of God. Doing the word takes sacrifice and is work, spiritual and physical. Our flesh doesn’t want to do any of that. It’s much easier to say, “I’m like Paul. Im so spiritual that God wants sickness to keep me from getting prideful; maybe God don’t want to heal m,” or something like that. Where ever there’s a maybe, there is no clear message from God.

What Now?

So how can I know? In respect and by faith in God’s love, and by overwhelming evidence, take it for granted that He wants you and those you care for to be healed today. Then remember or learn of the new covenant healing events. Hear and see the souls of those who pursued and were healed. See their their insistent appeal to God’s care and love. Start your campaign to believe and pursue His prepared and waiting love and care to heal. Let nothing distract. Stay focused on Yeshua. Be fervant.

Yeshua s u f f e r e d so much for my healing, and others for whom I bring to Him. His flesh was in shreds. Why oh why do I doubt that He wants us healed now, right now, today? I am asking myself. Will you ask yourself with me? I find so much doubt within. Lord, we confess our sin of doubting your love and this purpose in your sacrifice! We plead for your cleanse and healing from this doubt of your loving will to heal.

How To Find Healing From God.

From Matthew chapter fifteen.

There was a woman who could have had many strong reasons to think that Yeshua (Jesus) would not want to remove a demon from her daughter. We don’t know their names, but we’ll call the woman Andromeda, and her daughter, Thalia.

Andromeda’s race was believed to be accursed. They were despised and commonly called dogs. But Andromeda believed Iesous (her Greek for Yeshua) was the  Son of David, the savior from the Jewish prophecies. She had heard of many astounding miracles worked by Iesous. Her daughter, Thalia was in the torturous grips of a demon. Andromeda discarded the hovering fear of Jewish rejection and went to plead with Iesous to remove the demon from her daughter.

Andromeda approached Iesous and his disciples. They were worn out and had been trying to hide from the crowds to rest. Now Andromeda was one of them. It seemed to be the worst timing, especially for a Syrophoenician woman to plead a miracle for her daughter!

“No, no, I won’t let the timing stop me!” she told herself as she struggled against the imposing apprehension. Andromeda’s passion for Thalia drove her to cry out to Iesous for His help.

Andromeda cried and cried out for mercy, but Iesois didn’t answer a word. Dread of rejection played its best scheme for Andromeda. She ignored the dread; she would not be ignored if she could help it. Her beautiful daughter had a demon, and Iesous could make it leave!

The disciples of Yeshua grew weary of Andromeda. They cried out over Andromeda’s pleas for Thalia. “Send her away, for she keeps crying out after us!” Now, Yeshua’s followers were against her efforts. Apathy and despondency screamed at her. But Andromeda gave them no attention; her attention was fixed on Iesous.

Iesous replied, “I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

Iesous had answered! Ignoring the fear of being rejected, Andromeda’s mind raced for His meaning. He had compared the children of Israel to stupid sheep that easily get themselves lost and tangled in briars. She could see the same condition in herself. With that in mind, she came, knelt before him, and said, “Lord, help me!

Such love, that God would suffer Himself to hold back until we can better see our tangled and lost condition before saying, “Lord help me.”

Iseous answered, “It isn’t right to take the children’s bread and throw it to the dogs.”

Andromeda knew that the Son of David would not be cruel. Again her mind raced for a His meaning. “He meant something other than the common reference to Gentiles as dogs,” Putting His two statements together, she thought “to a shepherd of sheep dogs are important, and they are pets! True, they aren’t given the bread that is meant for children, “but a few crumbs of the Great Shepard’s bread from under the table can remove the demon from Thalia!”

Yes, Lord,” she said, “yet even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from their masters’ table.”

Then Jesus replied to her, “Woman, your faith is great. Let it be done for you as you want.” And from that moment her daughter was healed.

  • This woman, though not a child of Israel, knew and believed scripture concerning Yeshua, The Son Of David.
  • Against many strong reasons that she should doubt Yeshua would heal her daughter, she set all of her attention on the goodness that she knew about Yeshua and pressed into it without turning back.

How To Have Healing?

Learn the scripture concerning Yeshua. If you haven’t, believe and receive every word of Him. You’ll find that He loves and cares for you as a shepherd does for his sheep; He wants for you to be found,well, and in the protection of His sheepfold.

Once you begin the pursuit of healing for yourself or others, let no lies that God would not want to answer, or that He would want you to be sick, sway you away. He may appear not to hear or to hold back from you, but He does hear and is working through your opposition, spiritual and human, building your faith through it.

How To Forgive In 3 Steps And 2 More For Repairs

When there is a thought of resentment, despise, or vengeance (even a harmful word disguised as a proper warning), there is a need to trust God and forgive.


  1. Believe in EVERY word of God (Yeshua). This is the most important decision we can make for all eternity. The ability to know Yahweh personally in a two-way relationship, and to receive forgiveness and healing for our sins begins here.
  2. Confess bad thoughts and feeling toward others toward God. This begins a spiritual cleanse and healing so that we can forgive. (1 John 1:9)
  3. Just say it. Say, “I forgive…” ( ). This is a spoken decision that must be made before bad thoughts and feelings can be removed. Wrong thoughts and feelings go away in time as they are resisted and replaced with the right ones. The ability to do this is part of the healing that begins with confession.

Repair Broken Forgiveness

  1. Refuse bad thoughts toward the person(s). When it reoccurs, forgive again, and again. Re-forgive every time in a day that bad thought happens. Continually nip them in the bud, 490 times a day as Yeshua (Jesus) taught. Yeshua knows who we are. He knew forgiving would take a lot of re-doing. Also, remembering pain is not bad, but when thought upon it is encouraged, it very easily leads to bad thoughts; allow only enough remembrance of pain for caution.                                         
  2. Replace the bad thought and over-remembrance of pain. Overcome it by thinking about something good again and again, and again, 490 (unlimited) times a day when needed. Even small things like daily tasks can be used to replace them. The more important good thoughts of life are best.

And now, dear brothers and sisters, one final thing. Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise  

Phillippians 4:8 NLV

Don’t let evil conquer you, but conquer evil by doing good.

Romans 12:21 NLV

Creatures Of The Tree

We are creatures of the forbidden tree of good and evil. We have eaten its fruit, and it has mixed the knowledge and experience of evil with the goodness of God within us. Our faith (complete trust) in Yeshua (the Word of Yahweh) was compromised. We became imperfect, falling from connection, relation, and destination with Yahweh. Our evil side can never be allowed to infect the goodness of His Kingdom.

Eve illness (evil), is a contagious and fatal disease that all mankind has been plagued with. Prolonged death occurs in every part of the mind and body it occupies. Forgiving others can be completed only with healing from Yeshua.

Yeshua is Yahweh with us. He is now with us in the Holy Spirit. The decision to believe every word of Yahweh is the only way to fully believe in Yeshua. By full belief in Him, we can receive Him and become one with Him in these ways, among others.

  • His torture and death pay for our evil side.
  • His journey to the abyss with our evil.
  • His resurrection from the abyss, leaving our evil side with the dead.
  • His perfection from which we can enter into His Kingdom.
  • Communication with the Father.

Man can improve. Buy without a full belief in every word of Yahweh, he will eventually be overcome with evil and never be able to fully forgive.

In a nutshell, believe every word of Yahweh. Confess unbelief and its results as they surface. Decide to forgive and say it. Repair recurrence as it happens. Forgiving will develope as part of the “springs of living water” that “flow from your innermost being.”

Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, ‘Out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.’”

John 7;38 ESV


Is Marry Above God?

The Mother of Yeshua (Jesus) is given God-like status by many, saying she is the mother of God. As the mother of God, Marry would exist before God and would have created God. As the creator of God, Mary would be above God.

If Marry is above God, would she ever have thought Yeshua was going crazy?

Then Jesus went home, and once again a crowd gathered so that He and His disciples could not even eat. 
When His family heard about this, they went out to take custody of Him, saying, “He is out of His mind.” Mark 3:20,21

Mary would have known different.

Just a few verses later, when Mary and Yeshua’s brothers were standing outside a packed house, apparently to seize Yeshua due to His being “out of his mind.”

Now His mother and His brothers arrived and, standing outside, sent in a message asking for Him. And a crowd was sitting round Him at the time the message was passed to Him, “look your mother, brothers, and sisters are outside asking for you. He replied, “who are my mother and brothers.? And looking at those sitting in a circle around Him He said, ‘Here are my mother and brothers. Anyone who does the will of God, that person is my brother and sister and mother’.

Mark 3:31-35

If Marry was above God, would have Yeshua denied her immediate access to Him, as He did, to teach who His true brother, sister, and mother are in comparison to those who thought He was going crazy?

Yeshua left his human family to stand outside while He was teaching others. This was a sign that He knew the hearts of those who had ears to hear at the time and those who did not. Mary did not have ears to hear at the time and was doubting His mind.

Had Marry been above God, her request for Yeshua to come outside would have been granted immediately. But Yeshua knew that Marry was doubting and that she did not believe in Him enough to join the tight circle around Him before the house was too packed to get in.

These things tell us that Marry is not a perfect God, much less the mother of God. Mary is the mother of Yeshua, the Son Man (her biological son). Our Father in Heaven is Father of Yeshua the Son of God and Yeshua the Son of Man, in both the biological and the spiritual ways.

We give Marry great respect as the most blessed woman of all time. We honor her above all in that regard. We acknowledge her repentance for doubting her son, she was in the tight circle at the cross. And we love her with the same mercy and grace as we do for one another.

Oh, how I would love to get a peek at the relationship between the Son of Man and His mother right now. Oh dear God, my heart glows at the thought.

May God bless you as you give Yeshua honor as The King Of Kings and Lord Of Lords, equal with the Father and Holy Spirit and as you place no none above Him.

Defeat The Enemy

Yeshua (Jesus) has given His people the power to deal with their human enemies, personal, local, and global. He said to forgive, love, and pray for them. This is no wimpy way. It opens the door to the power of God.

But I say to you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them who despitefully use you, and persecute you; 

Yeshua Matthew 5:44 WBT

God is love. If exposed to more than a minute fraction of His force, the earth would disappear in a whisp. God created the universe and all that is beyond it. He is above and within. God fine-tunes every particle that exists. New galaxies come to exist by His power; they disappear from the known cosmos faster than the speed of light. His Spirit carries His Word. His word is mightily powered to create the desire for His love. All power on earth since its beginning is less than a grain of sand compared to the power of His love. There is no lack of power in God’s love for dealing with our enemies.

Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave the way open for God’s wrath [and His judicial righteousness]; for it is written [in Scripture], “VENGEANCE IS MINE, I WILL REPAY,” says the Lord. “BUT IF YOUR ENEMY IS HUNGRY, FEED HIM; IF HE IS THIRSTY, GIVE HIM A DRINK; FOR BY DOING THIS YOU WILL HEAP BURNING COALS ON HIS HEAD.” Do not be overcome and conquered by evil, but overcome evil with good.

Romans 12:19-21 Amplified

God’s love, expressed by goodness and prayer for our enemies will pile the proverbial burning coals on the head of our enemies; they will run from the torment of God’s coals of judicially righteous wrath either into life with Yeshua and His children or away into self-destruction.

Yeshua indwells our godly love. The coals of love (God’s wrath against evil) give our enemies extreme reason to repent and call on Yeshua for forgiveness, salvation, healing, release from bondage, and ultimate life. When repentance is refused, the torment of coals will drive our enemies to flee. Defeated, they run from the torment into self-destruction. This happens in God’s timing.

Our motivation is all important. When this kind of “love” is motivated by revenge or condemnation from a person, it’s not love. When that happens, the opposite of victory is caused for all concerned; the demons driving our enemies and the demons that we wrestle against are given flesh to grasp, cling to, and control using the wicked pleasures of addicting pride, aggression, and such. With these, they torment their captives.

May we join with others across the globe who love their enemies, forgive them, pray for them, feed them when hungry, and when thirsty, give them a drink. While good law, order, and self-defense may be necessary, they are limited, temporary, and fall short alone. But love never fails.

In personal prayer and groups of fellowship worldwide, we can invoke the unfailing power of Gods love by loving our personal, local and global, enemies. The power to change the world is the love of Yeshua within the hearts of His children. God has said that evil will increase, but we are to be preserving salt working against the infection until Yeshua returns bodily. His amazing power flows out from us to accomplish the task when we love our enemies, forgive them, pray for them, and do them good, just as Yeshua has said to do.

Human enemies are driven by the powers of darkness. Burning coals of God’s wrath can spur them to flee either from the darkness to the light or into destruction. Even God’s wrath is love. It is His love that drives the wicked to repentance and salvation, or if refused, to their chosen destruction, away from His people. By doing our part in such a love, we leave room for God to deal with His and our enemies; we become vessels through whom God battles against evil with good, just as exampled by Yeshua and our forefathers in the faith.

God is love. Love for our human enemy is tremendous power at hand. Let us accommodate Him. The harvest is ripe. The motivation for light, life, and love will make the sacrifice easy, light, and successful.

Why Should I Be Saved

You name it. Whatever kind of evil imaginable and beyond, these are what Yeshua [Jesus] saves those who will believe and receive Him from.

The Kool-Aid was sweet at the Jonestown massacre. Life can be so sweet, and when not, sweetness seems just ahead to keep us focused on it; and when sweetness is found it doesn’t last, turns bitter, and more seems just ahead.

Yeshua laid everything down, the sweet things of earth, and Himself, to save us.

Believing in all that Yeshua has said and done, and receiving Him as Lord [ to receive His way, truth, and life], gives the power to become one with Him as a son of God. Sons of God are saved from the totality of evil. They drink from the sweetness of Heaven in this very short life, regardless of the temptations and trials they are working through, and then from sweetness for eternity.

Remember The Miracles For Faith

Prayer and Bible in hand will help with understanding.

Faith is knowing so well that there is no doubt. As the disciples witnessed the miracles, their faith in Yeshua was strong. But as they quickly forgot them their faith became weak.

Yeshua (Jesus) indicates that one reason His disciples lose track of their faith is – a lack of reflection (thinking back on what they had seen and heard). They had forgotten the signs within the miracles that reveal who Yeshua is and what He does for those who believe in Him. Seeing can lead to believing; believing in Yeshua, the Word Of God, is faith. Forgetting what Yeshua has done leads to doubt. Doubt toward Yeshua (Jesus) is a lack of faith.

The substance and evidence of living faith are the works produced by it.  

Remember the miracles throughout the word of Yahweh. All are given for knowing who Yeshua is and for leading us to salvation and life. Search the miracles to understand their meaning. Faith in action is knowing the way, truth, and life of Yeshua, who is the living Word and teaching of Yahweh. The works of Yeshua reveal Yeshua for who He is. They reveal that He is Yahweh, God, on earth with us, in the Holy Spirit, as a Son of Man and Son of God. And they reveal His love for providing our needs of every kind. This includes our need for His power to do all that He has called us to do. See the love and call in John 14&15.

Let’s look at Matthew 16:1-19

V. 1-4

Yeshua rebuked the Pharisees for their evil and blindness concerning the signs they demand from Him. He then reminds them of the sign of Jonah to remember, and perhaps come to repentance, and faith in Yahweh.

V. 5-12

Yeshua rebuked the disciples for having “little faith.” The signs of the bread and fish were still fresh and very easy to remember. He triggers their saas of them, revealing how to overcome their “little faith.” They were not remembering the miracles enough to understand the signs within them that reveal who Yeshua is and the provision He gives.

V 13-16

Remember the things revealed to you about Yeshua through the signs within the miracles. Focus on them. Faith is found in the revelation of who Yeshua is.

V. 17

By faith, we can be recognized by Yeshua as one who has heard from Yahweh.

V. 18,19

By faith, we can become a rock upon which Yeshua builds His Church, immovable against the enemy.

Faith For Miracles

Remember Yeshua working the miracles. See-through them to better know and understand who Yeshua is and what He is willing to do for us. We can only believe and have faith in what we know.

Remember the miracles in the scriptures. Find the signs of Yeshua within them. Each realization of a sign is an addition to faith.

These signs are bread and fish (manna from above and a catch from the earth) on the sea shore; fresh fish, roasted on (cleansing) coals by none other than Yeshua the Savior.

John 21:12

“Come and have breakfast,” Jesus said to them. None of the disciples dared to ask Him, “Who are You?” They knew by what they remembered that it was the Lord.

The miracles and everything else that Yeshua did and taught are written for believers to see and hear. Blessed with faith are they who learn, believe, reflect, and remember.