Finding My Faith

The disciples’ faith in Yeshua had returned, and Yeshua wanted them to see how that happens.

And having arisen, He rebuked the wind and the raging of the water, and they ceased, and there was a calm.

Lk 8:24,25

, “Where is your faith?” Yeshua (Jesus) asked the disciples. At that moment, He had their complete attention. At that moment, after seeing Yeshua suddenly calm the wind and waves that were about to sink the boat, His disciples’ complete focus was on Him. At that moment, stunned by fear, apathy, exhaustion, and now the impossible happening all around them, their beliefs, that moments before had been in their troubles and their inability to solve them, were in Yeshua. At that moment, with hearts fixed on Yeshua, they could see beyond time and space into what He could and would do for them. At that moment, their faith was in Him and He wanted them to see that complete focus on Him is how that happens.

But they didn’t seize the moment and learn the lesson. They didn’t answer Yeshua’s question, “where is your faith?” but began questioning each other about who Yeshua could be.

The intensity of a storm can take us from the place of “letting the Teacher sleep,” to powerful cries to Him for what little help we think He will give. When we move our focus away from the storm and back to Him, He will give more than what we ask.

During the storm, the disciples were focused on the wind, sea, water filling the boat, inability to keep a float, frantic survival, exhaustion, and death. They knew their troubles and their inability to solve them. Their faith (knowledge, belief, and focus) was in their trouble.

So, where was their faith now after seeing Yeshua (Jesus) calm the life-threatening storm? Suddenly all was calm. Their attention, focus, and faith was now away from the storm and in Him.

Because the disciple’s attention and faith had been on Yeshua before this boat ride, He was with them now, and their attention and faith found its way back to Him. Are you getting the drift?

Say, you’re traveling through life with Yeshua, but this huge storm rages. It seems that Yeshua is asleep and doesn’t care. You know He’s in the boat with you. How about you get up next to Him, touch Him with some intense prayer, asking Him for help. You will need to ask in faith though, that is, you will need to know without a doubt that He isn’t sleeping as we know sleep, but listening for you to have just enough faith in Him to know that He will “wake up, care, and help bail water enough to keep you from perishing”. If you believed in Yeshua before the storm, you can rouse that much faith.

Bailing Water

I may know that Yeshua will help bail water from my sinking boat if I get His attention. Yeah, that may be the limit of my focus and faith. But if I will at least put my little measure of faith and attention on Him, He will do much more than I ask. When we use the little faith we have, even if we think we have to wake Yeshua up, more faith is added to us. Focus and attention on Yeshua is faith at work.

Focus on Yeshua

Always find what you can believe without a doubt that Yeshua will do concerning the need. Seek, ask, and knock on His door. When we use the little faith that we have, more will be added. It is because, in using what faith we have, we see more of Him. Then, since we see more of Him and what He will do, He will do much more than what we asked of Him in the first place, as He did for the disciples over and again.

Got your attention? Answer His question. “Where is your faith?”

Don’t forget the “get up next to Him” part like the disciples in the boat. That’s what it’s all about. That is when faith in God activates. When our focus returns to Yeshua, He takes the little we believe and works to increase it.

The disciples didn’t answer the “where is your faith” question and missed the opportunity to understand Yeshua’s purpose, meaning, and reason for asking it.

Intense focus on Yeshua, though we may think He will only help bail water, “rouses” Yeshua from what we think is oblivious sleep, to gift us with faith from which he will do much more than what we think He will do.

Instead of answering the question, the disciples went backward into fear, awe, and questioning who Yeshua is, missing this great lesson. Later they asked Yeshua to increase their faith (Lk 17:5). With a story, Yeshua taught them about humbly using the little faith they have and that afterward they would be thanked. But they missed the hands-on lesson in the boat about how faith returns.

Do You Have A Moment?

You know, moments of learning faith don’t have to be giant events. Any moment in any storm or otherwise, we can draw near to Yeshua and He will draw near to us to work on our behalf. Seeing the hand of God at work increases faith to those who trust in Him.

Go back to a moment of seeing God at work and answer Yeshua’s question “Where is your faith?” See your focus and attention there, on Yeshua. See how trouble or need moved you to find enough faith to “rouse Him awake,” know He was willing to help, and then see what He was doing.

Remember your moment of focus on Him? Go there and find where your faith is. Let it move you to stay focused on Yeshua and to do the things, small as they may be, that you know by undoubting faith He calls you to do. Don’t be distracted by the distractions of the world, fearful or pleasurable as they may be. Stay focused on YESHUA and move in His will by the faith you found in your moment of focus.

Faith increases with its use. But you have to return to it first. Faith is found by an intense, undistracted focus on Yeshua.

Now, if you are saved, you HAVE had a giant event, not unlike the disciples of Yeshua: the day of your salvation. Your boat in life was sinking. You know the rest of the story. At that time you saw Yeshua calm the wind and waves on your troubled sea of life. You were focused on Him. From then to this day Yeshua’s question remains. “Where is your faith?” Analyze the moment. Nothing else mattered. Nothing could distract. In that moment there was no question as to who Yeshua is or what He is willing to do for you. Your faith was in Yeshua as you gazed at Him, and understood His willing sacrifice. There you found your faith, and there you can find more of it as you see Him awake and at work.

Go there and stop the distracting questions about what is impossible. Stop the fears and the wants for the things of earth from distracting you. Focus on Yeshua and what He is doing as you did back then. Faith is knowing what God will do and entering in with it, you know, like Peter when he walked on the water. Well, until he looked from Yeshua back to the earthly sea and storm. In life, by turning our attention from the wind and waves of the storms and focusing on Yeshua while He works, we can return to faith in Him and work with Him in His power.

“Master! Master! We’re going to die!” He got up and rebuked the wind and the raging waves. They stopped, and there was calm.

Stunned, they gazed across the flattened sea. It lay as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Something beyond time was happening.

Breaking the silence of sudden calm, “WHERE IS YOUR FAITH?” Yeshua asked. Instead of answering His question, they looked back to the storm and questioned each other for who could do such things as calm it. They lost their focus on Yeshua and thus the opportunity to know this great lesson for how to have, maintain, and function in Godly faith.

The lesson is not that trouble brings us to faith. It is that focus on Yeshua at work reveals who He is and what He will do. We need not wait for trouble.

For since the creation of the world God’s invisible attributes—his eternal power and divine nature—have been understood and observed by what he made.

Romans 1:20

The Lesson

Time is visible by its process of change. We can look beyond time into the invisible attributes, eternal power, and divine nature of Yeshua to find our faith in Him. Time and the rest of creation are designed for helping us see beyond it all to the invisible power of God. By the visible, we can look, see and know the invisible things of God. Our faith in God is of God and invisible. We don’t have to have trouble to see faith. We can contemplate the creation to see and understand its creator.

By faith we understand that the universe was created by the word of God, so that what is seen was not made out of things that are visible.

Hebrews 11:3

The moment we focus on Yeshua as the source of the invisible things of God, with all distraction aside, our faith returns to being placed in Him; we can then see who He is and what He is doing.

The clock doesn’t stop when we walk in faith, but by faith, we can then see beyond the clock, and the universe, to the invisible things of God, and function in His power.