Reflections for Faith

Yeshua (Jesus) tells us that one reason His disciples lost track of their faith is – a lack of reflection (thinking back on what they had seen and heard. They had forgotten the signs within them of who He is and what He does for those who believe in Him. Seeing leads to believing. Believing is faith. Forgetting what was seen leads to doubt. Doubt is a lack of faith.

The substance and evidence of living faith are the works produced by it.  

Matthew 16:1-20

Remember the miracles throughout the word of Yahweh. All are given for knowing Yeshua (faith), salvation, and life. Search them to understand their meaning. Saving Faith in action is knowing and living the way, truth, and life of Yeshua, who is the living word and teaching of Yahweh. The works of Yeshua reveal Him for who He is. They reveal that He is Yahweh, God, on earth with us, in the Holy Spirit, as a Son of Man and Son of God. And they reveal His love to provide for our needs of every kind. This includes our need for His power to do all that He has called us to do. See John 14&15.

Matthew 16:1-4

Yeshua rebuked the Pharisees for their evil and blindness concerning the signs they demand from Him. He then leaves them with the sign of Jonah to remember, and perhaps come to repentance, and to faith in Yahweh.

V. 5-12

Yeshua rebuked the disciples for having “little faith.” The signs of the bread and fish were still fresh and very easy to remember. They were not remembering the miracles enough to understand the signs within them that reveal who Yeshua is and the provision He gives.

V 13-16

Remember the things revealed to you about Yeshua through the signs within the miracles. Focus on them. Faith is found in the revelations of who Yeshua is.

V. 17

By faith, we can be recognized by Yeshua as one who has heard from Yahweh.

V. 18,19

By faith, we can become a rock upon which Yeshua builds His Church, immovable against the enemy.

Faith For Miracles

Remember Yeshua working the miracles. See-through them to better know and understand who Yeshua is and what He is willing to do for us. We can only believe and have faith in what we know.

Remember the miracles in the scriptures. Find the signs of Yeshua within them. Each realization of a sign is an addition to faith.

These signs are bread and fish (manna from above and a catch from the earth) on the sea shore; fresh fish, roasted on (cleansing) coals by none other than Yeshua the Savior.

“Come and have breakfast,” Jesus said to them. None of the disciples dared to ask Him, “Who are You?” They knew (by reflection) that it was the Lord. John 21:12