Is Marry Above God?

The Mother of Yeshua (Jesus) is given God-like status by many, saying she is the mother of God. As the mother of God, Marry would exist before God and would have created God. As the creator of God, Mary would be above God.

If Marry is above God, would she ever have thought Yeshua was going crazy?

Then Jesus went home, and once again a crowd gathered so that He and His disciples could not even eat. 
When His family heard about this, they went out to take custody of Him, saying, “He is out of His mind.” Mark 3:20,21

Mary would have known different.

Just a few verses later, when Mary and Yeshua’s brothers were standing outside a packed house, apparently to seize Yeshua due to His being “out of his mind.”

Now His mother and His brothers arrived and, standing outside, sent in a message asking for Him. And a crowd was sitting round Him at the time the message was passed to Him, “look your mother, brothers, and sisters are outside asking for you. He replied, “who are my mother and brothers.? And looking at those sitting in a circle around Him He said, ‘Here are my mother and brothers. Anyone who does the will of God, that person is my brother and sister and mother’.

Mark 3:31-35

If Marry was above God, would have Yeshua denied her immediate access to Him, as He did, to teach who His true brother, sister, and mother are in comparison to those who thought He was going crazy?

Yeshua left his human family to stand outside while He was teaching others. This was a sign that He knew the hearts of those who had ears to hear at the time and those who did not. Mary did not have ears to hear at the time and was doubting His mind.

Had Marry been above God, her request for Yeshua to come outside would have been granted immediately. But Yeshua knew that Marry was doubting and that she did not believe in Him enough to join the tight circle around Him before the house was too packed to get in.

These things tell us that Marry is not a perfect God, much less the mother of God. Mary is the mother of Yeshua, the Son Man (her biological son). Our Father in Heaven is Father of Yeshua the Son of God and Yeshua the Son of Man, in both the biological and the spiritual ways.

We give Marry great respect as the most blessed woman of all time. We honor her above all in that regard. We acknowledge her repentance for doubting her son, she was in the tight circle at the cross. And we love her with the same mercy and grace as we do for one another.

Oh, how I would love to get a peek at the relationship between the Son of Man and His mother right now. Oh dear God, my heart glows at the thought.

May God bless you as you give Yeshua honor as The King Of Kings and Lord Of Lords, equal with the Father and Holy Spirit and as you place no none above Him.