Going to Heaven

No amount of good deeds, church, or rituals will be considered for going to Heaven. For any of these to matter as we stand before the Lord, they must be the result of death to the will to continue in any kind of sin, and a rebirth into the will and word of God (Jesus), not an attempt to bypass Him.

Faith (belief in all of His ways) in the Word of God (Yeshua)) is the only thing that will cause God to accept us. Otherwise, there is no separation from the will to sin. The will for sin will not be allowed in Heaven.

Entrance into Heaven begins now.

Indeed, the “right time” is now. Today is the day of Salvation

Paul 2 Cor 6:2

The perfect goodness of Heaven is here with us. It is unseen without faith. But it’s doors are open for those who are willing to see and believe in it.

For the Kingdom of God is already among you

Jesus Luke 17:21

Entrance into the perfection of Heaven begins while still on earth, before a physical death of our body. It happens by a substitute death; the death of a want to believe and continue in any way against the will of God. A death accepted by Yeshua (Jesus) the Savior, and carried out with His body.

Like with Adam and Eve, by turning away from the evil of doubting Yahweh to respond to His call, we allow for our inborn faith to lead us back to fully believing in God. This faith holds no will to doubt any of God’s word. When we allow our faith to turn us from doubt to believing and responding to the full will of Yahweh God, He provides for our separation from sin. By our faith in Him, we join Him and die to sin with Yeshua on the cross. Yeshua’s blood is payment for the sin of all who respond to God’s call, turn from doubt, and fully turn to the truth of His word. In so doing, they join Him in every way, including His crucifixion, and share with Him His resurrection into His Kingdom.

Yahweh God, within His Word that was made into the flesh of Yeshua the Savior, died to take our will to sin away. But He had no sin of His own that Hell could hold. So He could rise from the dead. We who responded to His call to fully believe in Him died with him and rose from the dead with Him. In oneness with Him, we share His perfection. By His perfection, we can enter into His presence and kingdom while yet in this life, and continue with Him into the next.