Am I reasonable? Can I calmly discuss differing opinions without turmoil? Am I able to consider them? And when I do consider the opinion of others, do I consider it from their viewpoint or strictly from my predefined understanding?

The answer to these questions determines the extent of my ability to reason with others, including God.

“Come, let us reason together, says the Lord.”


The power of reason is power for healing and change. Change requires knowing our need for it, especially in the sense of being healed by God. Reason allows God to show us what is right to pursue and harmful to hold; and then with our knowledge and agreement, to empower us in our pursuit of his goodness, and heal us to let go of what is harmful. Nothing in this world is so sweet to feast on.


If I am unreasonable with finite people, how can I reason with God who is infinite? And, how can I expect God to reason with me?

Okay, so how can I become reasonable?

The Bible repeatedly says, “whoever calls on the name of the Lord, shall be saved.” Besides eternal salvation, calling on Jesus is way the way to his help for being led into his goodness and saved from our daily weaknesses.

Admitting and confessing our sin of obstinance (being unreasonable) to God and neighbor, and calling on Jesus to save us from it gains his faithful and sure forgiveness and cure. 1 John 1: 9.

Being habitually unreasonable is an addiction. See the article “Addiction – The Sure Cure” on this site for detail on how to be cured.


I must take the time to reason with God and man. All things on earth require time. How much of my life will I give up for making time to reason with God. And then to confess revealed sins to Him, and be forgiven, cured, and become more reasonable with Him and with man.

Taking time to reason With God and man can become a sweet and rewarding habit.

“No greater love has a man than this, that he lay down his life (including his time and opinions) for his friends”


There is no better time than the present. Don’t worry about tomorrow. Today is the day of salvation, now is the acceptable time.

No use?

No use, I’ll fail again soon? Don’t tell Yeshua his work is no use.

Yeshua said to forgive one another 490 times in a day. In other words, without limit. He does the same for us. Just confess your sin to Yeshua as many times a day that you fail. Each time he forgives us, our cure grows deeper, and so does our faith.


Lord Yeshua thank you for helping me see my need to be more able to reason with you and with man. I am excited to know that through your forgiveness, I am being healed. I look forward to times of reasoning; sweet, bitter, and both at the same time; because I know that I will grow in the knowledge of you and experience more living and giving of your marvelous love.


Tough as they are, our struggles can be good for us eventually.

Am I struggling for or against God? Don’t answer too quickly. We may think our goals are good. But we can easily find ourselves like Jacob, wrestling against God.

This part of Jacobs’s life is in Genesis chapters 31-33.

Was not Jacob’s wrestling a good thing? How can struggling against God be good? This was not a friendly wrestling match, just for fun. The man [Angel, God, or Jesus if you will] had a message for Jacob that Jacob wrestled against. Jacob pridefully thought that he knew better than what the ‘man’ wanted him to do; and that he needed a different blessing other than what the man had come to give. Jacob knew the man was a messenger from God with a blessing. Jacob wrestled against whatever it was that the man had told him; something like – “go and lead your family and meet Esau and then travel on to the land of your fathers. I will be with you.”

You know, Jacob wrestled as Jonah did. Jacob thought that he needed a different blessing. Jacob couldn’t see that what God had already told him to do, had the blessing and power within it to make doing it possible.

What did God want Jacob to do? Hosea saw it. 

Hosea saw what God wanted Jacob to do, and what he wants all whom he calls to do today. Turn back to Yahweh. Trust Him. Have confidence and faith in Him. Act on the principles of love and justice. Live in confident dependence on Him. Hosea 12:3-7.

Trust in what he has already told you Jacob; the promises and blessings that you already have.(Gen 27:28, 28:10-17, 31:13). Now go. You’ve schemed and bribed all you can.

Now to us; go. Leave this country [of struggling against God] and return to the land of your fathers in the Lord. No longer allow fear to seclude you and stop your progress in the Lord. Have you, like Jacob, sent your whole life on ahead of you while you turn back and become the tail end of all you have accomplished? Do you hide, quivering behind your family in Christ? Are you at a standstill, struggling with God?

Seek your blessings [heavenly blessings, not earthly] from the position of trust in the direction God has given. Not fear, self-sufficiency, and hiding behind the success of your past, and the others you’ve sent ahead. Let go of struggling against God and allow Him to direct your path. You may think that you can prevail in your strength – or not. Trying fearfully in your own strength to prevail against God die to fear of His directives can leave you permanently lame, as it did to Jacob. How much more could you do with full use of your spiritual limbs.

Jacob’s fear and pride blinded him from all of these things.

 1. Knowing that it was God with whom he wrestled. Jacob thought that he wrestled a man or Angel who could bless him; like Issac had blessed him. He didn’t know that it was God until after He was blessed.

 2. Faith in God. Yeshua did what He saw His Father doing. Failing to trust in God’s directive blinds us from faith. Fear and pride blind us from seeing our Father giving us direction. Faith is seeing our Father at work and entering into it. Fear and self-sufficiency blind us from faith.

3. Seeing the blessing and power to do Gods will.

What is holding you back from Father’s call; God? No, he wrestles for you not against. He already gave you the blessing and ability to do all that has been revealed for you to do. Though you can’t see it, trust that he will be with you. Cross the brook of danger. Get ahead of your past success and those you’ve sent ahead to cushion your wrongly foreseen disaster.

It is time to stop wrestling against God, and patiently wait for him to open our eyes; see the work that he is doing; enter into his work: and walk powerfully toward any opposition in true faith.

Jacob struggled with the Angel and prevailed; he wept and sought His favor. He found him at Bethel, and there he spoke with him. Yahweh is the God of Hosts; Yahweh is His name. But you must return to your God. Maintain love and justice, and always put your hope in God.

Hosea 12:4-6


Father, In Jesus, I come and ask you to help me understand the struggling I endure while trying to find your help. Help me to know when I am struggling against you due to the fear and the disagreement with you that fear causes. Strengthen me to return and trust in you. I want to lead those you have called me to help in this life to to the land of our fathers who trusted in you. I no longer want to hide behind them, using them to cushion the dangers ahead. Let your Kingdom come, and let your will be done in this life.

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